Are there any additional fees associated with using a mykonos concierge service?

Please note that the 20% service supplement is not included in the prices and is paid in cash or by credit card 1 day before the end of the stay. If you want to cancel directly, we'll apply a 10% cancellation fee to all new bookings. The 10% rate will be saved in credit for you to use on your next booking with us. Alpha Mykonos Concierge reserves the right to change, add or delete any information presented on this website without notice.

Alpha Mykonos Concierge is a travel agency that offers all the services offered, including, but not limited to, yacht rental, private land transport, private air transport, sightseeing and other hospitality services. Alpha Mykonos Concierge reserves the right to accept fees for the supply of products or the provision of services by any supplier. Users of the information contained on this website and on any website linked to the Alpha Mykonos Concierge website should rely solely on their own evaluation and verification. The hotel will access your personal information and use it (such as your name, Club Mykonos loyalty level, confirmation number, check-in and check-out dates and room number) to provide these concierge services.

We may also use other information to allow external partners to recognize you as a member of Club Mykonos Loyalty when you visit the member's website or application, or to recognize you as one of their customers when you visit Club Mykonos Loyalty websites or applications, so that they can offer you more relevant offers. Alpha Mykonos Concierge is not responsible for costs or other liabilities related to acts of terrorism, war, accidents, weather conditions or fortuitous acts. All payments made to Alpha Mykonos Concierge by credit card are subject to a 2.5% charge in the case of Visa and Master Card cards and 4.5% in the case of Amex, in addition to the amount due by the customer. Alpha Mykonos Concierge does not collect any credit card details or other financial data on this website.

While Alpha Mykonos Concierge has taken reasonable steps to ensure that this information is accurate, the company makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, regarding the accuracy and completeness of this website and its information, or of any website linked to the Alpha Mykonos Concierge website. If you are a member of Club Mykonos Loyalty, you can access the information you provided to us when you registered, review and update it at any time by logging in to your Club Mykonos loyalty profile.