Do i need to make reservations in advance when using a mykonos concierge service?

As soon as we receive your reservation, Mykonos Exclusive Tours will accept it or not depending on availability. This is why it's important to make your reservation well in advance, especially during the high season of July and August. Upgrades, priority reservations and free drinks at the best restaurants, free entry to exclusive clubs or discounts on many other lifestyle services: a concierge service can add value, turn you into a VIP and save you money. Researching the most popular destinations in Mykonos, constantly changing, booking a villa, a daily cruise, water toys, restaurants or clubs, organizing any type of celebration or looking for a unique experience amidst the chaos of the top of Mykonos, can sometimes be an arduous task.

The concierge services organize all the details of your vacation in advance, so that from the moment you arrive on the island until the day you leave, you can make the most of your free time and run without stress. The best concierge services will provide you with your own personal concierge, so that you always deal with the same person for all requests. However, if you have concierge services to help you with reservations and reservations, you'll have the opportunity to get a venue for the most important nighttime events and the most popular places in the city. A true concierge service will strive to negotiate special privileges and benefits for its members whenever possible.