What kind of customer service can i expect from a mykonos concierge service?

Kinglike offers high-end personal concierge services in Mykonos for every guest. Hospitality experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to hotels, we also offer villas for rent, ranging from the most luxurious to some more affordable options. In our guide you will also find information about the best restaurants in Mykonos, how to plan your wedding or even ask us to organize your honeymoon in Greece.

In addition, we manage yacht rentals or any other VIP and concierge services you may need. The entire staff at The Ace VIP has been trained to maintain the highest quality of Mykonos concierge services. Get a reliable, high-quality private transfer service and travel around Mykonos and anywhere in Greece. Mykonos Concierge PRIVÉ is a group of service-oriented travel professionals with a combined experience of more than 20 years in Mykonos, offering 26% VIP personal concierge services to demanding customers who travel every summer to the island of Mykonos.

Welcome to PRIVÉ, an exclusive concierge services company in Mykonos that focuses on the modern needs of demanding travelers. Mykonos Exclusive is the leading provider of tourist information on places, events, restaurants and bars on the island of Mykonos. The special request service in Mykonos revolves around meeting customer demands for personalized services that are not easily available.